Akela Construction has the flexibility to meet a project’s needs, no matter the requirements. As a General Contractor, Akela works well within a traditional Design-Bid-Build system for a project, however we also have experience as a Construction Manager- for both public and private clients.

We can provide:

- Budgeting and cost-analysis on projects at any stage from project infancy to full design completion.

- Akela Construction has performed projects as the Project Manager.

- We can service the project from concept and design management, right through construction and completion.

- A perfect safety record with no lost-time accidents over the past 20 years. We utilize a current Workplace Health and Safety program that exceeds OH&S standards. We actively engage each one of the workers on our sites in identifying risks, ensuring safe practices, and watching out for the safety of those around the site as well.

- Akela Construction is in good standing with the Workers’ Compensation Board. In addition, we currently carry $5,000,000 general liability insurance which extends to our subcontractors and the project owner if need be. Akela is also fully bondable if the project requires.

- We can assist with design and have a number of engineers who we can refer back to if required.

- Akela can schedule out your projects and work with you to ensure all works are completed within a timely fashion.

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