The people at Akela Construction each come from a “big company – big project” background. Projects experience has ranged from:

  • Shopping centers
  • Convention centers
  • New warehouse
  • Major plant renovations
  • College campus buildings
  • Condo complexes
  • Retail Space
  • Commercial office spaces

The Akela Construction personnel have been involved in a wide range of large construction projects in Alberta. Now, they bring this “big project” thinking and experience to Akela’s current projects. So what attributes does this provide the Akela team and company:

  • Smooth running successful projects for all stakeholders
  • Ability to manage projects of a wide variety of scales.
  • Practical knowledge to offer suggestions for value engineering
  • Trust and loyalty with a range of subcontractors and businesses throughout the Calgary and surrounding area. From Earthwork and concrete, to flooring and paint; from Steel Framing and Roofing, to Mechanical and Electrical, Akela has excellent in-roads in the subtrade community and is able to bring these connections to the project table.
  • All staff can offer a range of individual attributes to a projects control and management.
  • Akela has also built relationships with several Calgary Designers and Engineers.

In addition, Akela is a member of:

  • The Calgary Construction Association which is Calgary’s base network of businesses in the Calgary Construction Community.
  • Contractor Check- a health and safety certified operator

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Phone: 403-720-8405
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